Pick -n- Play CSA

food, your choices are you

food, for an evening

We invite you to a special evening of food entertainment. Please join us on July 23, 2016 at 5pm - 8pm. We'll be hosting a tasting event at our farm located at 10528 110th Street SE Chatfield, MN. If you have questions please give us a call (507-867-4552) or see our flyer in the Radish.

food, what we grow

We grow food by making the same choices you’d make for your own garden. We look for the best organic seeds, farm with certified organic techniques, and raise our livestock on pasture. Gardeners don’t dump chemicals on what they intend to eat, and we don’t either. Diversification is part of a healthy diet, and we think part of a healthy farm, so we raise a variety of fruits, vegetables, and animals.

food, together

Sharing food has always brought people together. In this tradition, we offer shares in the bounty of our farm. Each share contains a portion of what we produce. You get what ripens, as it ripens, connecting you to the farm and the land throughout the season. We hope you’ll share this food with family and friends.

food, for everyone

Good farming practice produces great food at a reasonable price. Eating healthfully is not a luxury and we don’t think it should be priced like one. Share sizes are based on how much food you need and priced to be a good value. We have vegetable/fruit shares that bring harvest to the table every night. We have livestock shares that will thrill the heartiest meat eater.

food, for the future

This year, and every year, we’ll be growing many delicious things. If you want locally and sustainably raised produce, please check out our share packages or contact us with questions.